About MuslimPress

MuslimPress is a News and Analytical Website, which has been designed since March 2013. Unfortunately, today, the true face of Islam has been introduced as a face full of lies and hypocrisy of the West and even inhumanity.

Our main objectives include the following:

  • Publicize the case of Muslims
  • Mount the true face of Islam
  • Fighting against oppression and global arrogance
  • Share the path of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Sharia, and Islamic laws

In the deceptive western world, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the Prophet of Mercy, has been presented as a prophet of violence, and Islam as a religion of violence and immorality. It should be noted that MuslimPress is responsible for thinking commonalities between Islam and other religions. It can certainly help people of faith around the world become closer to each other.

MuslimPress is a messenger of peace and friendship to everyone and fight against injustice and arrogance.

We are looking forward to your letters, and news articles at English@muslimpress.com

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